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Excerpt from Chapter: “Thing #2 – Provision

9781633060241largeBook ImageExcerpt #5
“When a guy finds joy in providing needs and wants in
others’ lives, he finds that his capacity to show favor through
provision is more than he ever dreamed. To provide great
or small things for the one he loves, just because he can, is
actually an act of gratitude to the Lord. I have seen and heard
testimonies of guys leaving a sweet note on a girl’s windshield,
or he secretly payed her rent. One guy brought home dinner
and had her apartment clean when she got home from work.
Other guys have made arrangements to have flowers waiting
on her desk at work, or put extra money in her purse before
a trip. One of the most generous acts of provision was when
one guy gave his girlfriend all of his french fries just because
he knew she loved them.
When guys are learning how to implement these
disciplines, it is often best to start practicing with the girls that
are friends in their life right now. A guy can help if her car is
in need of repair, and she needs a ride somewhere. She might
need help with a class she is taking or in an academic subject
he excels in. Provision is not just about paying for something.
In order to prevent any misunderstanding between the
guys and the girls in why these acts of provision are being
made, there have been guys that worked in groups who have
washed cars, left encouraging notes and then all of the guys
signed the card saying it was from all of them. Groups of guys
have bought dinner for several of their female friends and
let them have a ‘girls night out’. They delighted in making
provision, but didn’t want anyone to think there was some hidden agenda behind their efforts. This should resonate in
every guy’s spirit when it is done because he is created and
designed to provide, not because Boaz did, but because God
did it first.