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“5 Things” Excerpt #3 – “What About Boaz?”


Each week, until the official “release date” of Nov. 11th, I am sharing an excerpt from my new book

9781633060241largeBook Image“5 Things – What Every Guy Should Do and Every Girl Should Wait On Before Getting Married”
Here is page excerpt #3 from the chapter “What About Boaz?”

“Boaz’s mother, Rahab, was a prostitute. Imagine that.
Right there in the lineage of Christ is a woman that no one
would expect to be there. Would anyone believe that a man
like Boaz, who the bible teaches in the book of Ruth, loved so
purely and was such a respected man in the community—and
yes, a man who loved the Lord God so faithfully—would be
the son of a prostitute?
The fact that Boaz’s mother, Rahab, was a prostitute
points us to God’s grace, mercy, and unconditional love
already. What a glorious message of hope for guys and girls
everywhere. No matter the upbringing or lack of instruction
in spiritual things, even to the point of your home life being
the exact opposite of what God desires it to be, God can and
will redeem it when you put your faith in Him. When Rahab
trusted the God of Israel in the book of Joshua, Chapter 2,
God turned her whole life around. From a life in the sex
industry to finding herself in the lineage of Jesus Christ is
such a beautiful picture of the way God works. His redeeming
love makes old things in your life pass away, and all things in
your life become new.
One of the main reasons I have used the disciplines found
in the life of Boaz is that Boaz was a one-woman man. He
loved Ruth like every woman wants and needs to be loved.
This is a man that foreshadowed Jesus, the one who was to
come. He loved Ruth the way Jesus would love us. These are
disciplines that every girl needs to know so she can watch for
them and wait for them to be demonstrated in a guy’s life.”

“5 Things” Excerpt #2 – A page from “The Myths We Are Told” chapter…


Kathy Nelson_1 RTMen of God, I am a fan. God created men to be the head of the household and I am so thankful for that plan. God has designed men in His image and can equip him with all that he needs to fulfill this role. Guys are designed to be more than the sum of a survey. However, he has been
so dumbed down through media, music and even some faith based relationship experts that he just might trip over the proverbial bar that has been set at about his knees. If one more person says that inappropriate, unethical, lustful, rude, thoughtless, ungodly behavior in men should be understood,
I am going to scream. Furthermore, if the suggested response to these bad behaviors is that the girlfriend should change something to accommodate his behavior because he is “hardwired” like that,then we need to flip on the switch of the Light of the World in order to expose the ridiculousness and foolishness of this claim. There are legions of people who want to fight for every guy to be strong and faithful. Girls need to see guys stand firm and be strong in spirit and character so that one day he will take his place as the head of the household and on the front lines of protecting his family.

There are guys who can, and will, count the cost for building the tower and find that he does have what it takes to finish the construction of it and there are legions of girls who will cheer for them throughout the entire construction process. The truth is everyone is “hard-wired” for bad behavior. It’s
called sin. Romans 3:23 says everyone has missed the mark that God intended for people. He also teaches that the way people used to think and be motivated must be offered as a sacrifice to him, so that your new desires and motivations are controlled by the Spirit of God. You need to surrender to this
plan of God in every area of your life.
This “hard-wired” excuse runs pretty thin. If guys are lusting after girls, it does not mean his girlfriend should start dressing cuter, lose some weight, or workout more so he won’t be tempted to lust. A guy is solely responsible for his choices. Every individual is responsible for their choices. If lust has taken him captive, then he must repent and stop lusting. God says, “but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart” Matthew 5:28 (nasb). So, by the mercies of God,don’t buy into this spineless philosophy that it is his girlfriend who needs to adjust when he has been caught in sin. Reject the lies that her expectations are too high when she wants faithfulness and integrity in his life.Rebuke the lies that a guy’s bad-boy, “hard-wired” behavior should be tolerated and understood.

If a guy is a born-again Christian, his behavior is weighed and measured by the plumb line of God’s word alone, not a result of anyone else’s survey, opinions or cultural norms. There are guys who don’t want God to find them lacking in the spiritual maturity it takes to build a healthy relationship into a lifetime marriage. It’s time to grow up. It’s time to live out God’s commands on your life. Call me crazy, but I think guys and girls want that. God placed within everyone, at creation, the need to be like him because everyone was created in his image. Both have specific needs, and how gracious and
perfect is God to also create within them the ability to meet those needs for each other.