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Meditations on Mowing


Kathy Bio pic2 Last week I decided to mow the lawn.  It really is one of my favorite outdoor, work-related tasks.  Especially, since it is a riding mower and not the push kind I grew up using – even though I preferred that chore over all of the other options Dad would assign my sisters and me.  Mowing is a wonderful time to have mental recaps of your day, your week, or your life and assess what you need to start doing, stop doing or continue to do.  Seriously, there have been many a worship service in my spirit while riding that lawn mower.  Clearly for me – mowing takes on a grander purpose than getting the grass shorter.

This particular day brought amusing memories of my past “incidents” while mowing, as well as realizing some not-so-good habits I have developed when I mow.  The Lord brought a spiritual parallel to my mind with each one I meditated on.  I decided to take pictures so you could see what I am talking about – and if you relate at all to the spiritual implications.

mowing1#1 – “Plowing through Anyway”

Years ago I observed a challenge to mow between the trees so I could keep my line straight. I thought briefly about whether or not my mower would fit, but just decided to plow on through because getting off and measuring whether or not it would work was just going to take too much time – and I was in a hurry to finish.  The mower came to an abrupt stop as it wedged between the two trees.  Motor running, but can’t get anywhere.  Had to turn the motor off and go get Ricky,  my rescuer,  to un-wedge it so i could finish.

mowing2#2 Just Go Around It

We have lots of trees in our yard, so limbs are always falling in the yard after bad weather etc..  Every now and then, when I mow, I will stop the mower and get off in order to move the big limbs.  It is SO inconvenient when you have to do that!  My usual considerations are:

a.  Can I just mow OVER it?  This choice has resulted in massive sounds of struggle under the blade cover and dodging things that blow out afterwards.  I tend to believe our  mower can crunch up more than it actually can.  Therefore, the need for belt replacements in the middle of my project have been often.  Ricky, my rescuer, now stocks belts so he can replace them when needed.

b. Oh, I better go AROUND this one.  Too lazy to get off and move it, my decision to just go around it leaves the yard unfinished and unkept – being that big ole limbs are still cluttering the yard.  But, I just don’t have time for that!

mowing3 #3 Encountering the Unknown

Unbeknownst to me – there was a place in the sidewalk in our backyard that was quite a bit raised because the grass and dirt had sunk a bit.  I was just going a little too fast to notice, so when the blade cover “encountered” this portion of the sidewalk it nearly threw me over the front of the mower.  I held on tight and long enough to look back and see if any of the mower parts were on the ground behind  me.  Kept on mowing.

doublehammock #4 That Shortcut Looks Fun

That time when I decided to ride the mower UNDER the big double wide, woven hammock because it was a shorter route AND it looked like it might be fun.  The gear shift of the mower grabbed  one of those ropes and brought my mower straight up in a standing position!  My back was on the ground and i was looking up at the front of the mower above me.  I started yelling for help, but the motor was still running and no one could hear me.  Finally, I turned off the mower blade, rolled over to get off of the mower and went in to get Ricky, my rescuer.  He turned off the motor and righted it to its intended position and made sure I was alright.


Well – because God used a day of mowing to teach me about myself – I have been served papers from heaven. They are not comfortable to read, but doing business with God is ALWAYS good.

What about you?