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Oh, Just Writing a Little Book…


“When a Man Loves A Woman”, “A Man Worth Waiting For”, “The Man You Want to Marry”, “The Man SHE Wants to Marry”, “5 Disciplines Every Man Should Have –  And, Every Woman Should Wait For”…..

All of these “titles” have been ones I have used in teaching this series over the last 7 or 8 years.  I have no idea, right now, what the final title will be – but, what I DO KNOW is what I want to say in the content…it’s what God has given me through His Word.

Having listened to, participated in and heard about so many different marriage/relationship “things”, I have found some of the advice shallow, short-sighted and just a bunch of psycho-babble.  Particularly regarding the expectations of the men/husbands/boyfriends AND what the women should do/can do/ought to do in response to these expectations.

GOD’S WORD is so clear and so powerful and so equipping and so enabling and so living – that I decided to go there to find what is REALLY expected of God’s men.  Just pure principals & precepts from their designer.  Motivated by this – I am in College Ministry so I felt it imperative to lead, teach and equip the young men coming through our ministry what is REALLY required of them.  The “bar” has been raised by the God of the universe and NO ONE can enable this kind of life except through the power of the Holy Spirit.

So – I write.  I won’t just teach it anymore, but i will have it to hand out for any that might want it.  Maybe help some other great, wonderful young man – or a confused and “about to give up knowing what to do” husband of many years.

The power is in His Word…and the life of Boaz – the “kinsman-redeemer’

  Oh man – what a guy.Image